Hemp cigarettes: the healthy alternative to tobacco

Hemp cigarettes: the healthy alternative to tobacco

Are you looking to quit smoking but don′t know how? Have you ever tried to quit but miss the sensation of lighting a cigarette to relax? Do you want to smoke something healthy without having to worry about the hundreds of chemicals that cause cancer in ready-made cigarettes? Is nicotine increasing your heartbeat and making you nervous?

Well, Calpernia Planters have the perfect answer to your needs. Hemp Smokes is the latest creation from the Gibraltar-based hemp producer. As a tobacco and nicotine free product, Hemp Smokes are the perfect tobacco alternative, perfect for quitting and still able to give you a natural relaxing sensation all in pre-rolled cigarettes. They contain no tar, nicotine or pesticides, making them the perfect tobacco alternative with none of the toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that make tobacco so harmful.



Where is the hemp grown?

Our CBD cigarettes are packed with top quality 100% EU-certified industrial hemp grown in the sunny climes of Southern Spain, for the perfect relaxing feeling. These conditions allow for the production of full spectrum CBD, which in each hemp cigarette can vary between 5-10%, fully within legal limits. The hemp flower, also known as bud, is planted, harvested and processed between Spain and the British territory of Gibraltar. Huge fields of industrial hemp are lovingly caressed by more than 300 years of sunshine, helping create the perfect smoke.

The new CBD cigarettes are now selling like hotcakes on the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, offering users emotional and physical relaxation. They often help you relax and concentrate, perfect for avoiding stress and even creating a bit of natural euphoria. These effects are very conducive to a more natural lifestyle as they will help you overcome anxiety and allow you to calm down after a hard day at work.

How legal are hemp cigarettes?

Hemp Smokes are perfectly legal in many countries as they contain less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive chemical normally found in cannabis. But whereas cannabis is considered a drug in the UK and the EU, hemp is slowly being legalised throughout Europe, currently being classified as a novel food. This means that special licenses are needed for their growth and processing.

Luckily for you, Calpernia Planters have taken on this constantly changing legal system and come out with licenses to grow and produce hemp products. We are now working to expand our product to the UK and the rest of the EU, ensuring that everyone can have access to this handy cigarette replacement without the need to vape or use patches.

What other products does Calpernia Planters offer?

Calpernia Planters offer a wide range of CBD hemp products from CBD oil and cream to gummies and snacks, all certified to international standards. Check out this selection at our shop in Gibraltar, a proud British territory in the south of Spain, from where we can send products to the whole of Europe.

To get a better idea of all the products we offer, take a look at our website:

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