About us

Calpurnia Planters is an up-and-coming CBD Hemp family-owned business based in the heart of historic British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar. Calpernia Planters sells a wide range of CBD Hemp products some of which are imported from well-known companies and others which are made from self-grown product from nearby Spain.

The production arm of Calpernia Planters specialises in growing CBD-rich Industrial Hemp in large quantities, which recent lab analysis has revealed also contains precious CBG. Calpernia Planters’ fully-regulated CBD Hemp plantation grows various tonnes of Industrial Hemp every year, with plans to further increase production driven by rising demand.

Calpernia Planters is looking forward to seeing its customers in person at our Gibraltar location or via our website. Despite CBD Hemp being classed as a novel food both in the UK and the European Union steps are being taken to further ratify its usage across Europe, allowing payment and transportation of this valuable health product. We are also open to wholesale business partnerships with other companies in the UK and the EU so feel free to contact us via our email.